How to see Facebook page likes

In June, Facebook began testing a new version of statistics for pages that know how to see how many likes on Facebook page and anyone could try and, if desired, share their impressions and wishes with the developers. After analyzing user feedback and taking into account their wishes, Facebook launched updated statistics on all pages. Facebook claims that the new statistics will provide page managers with important information about visitors and thus help them create more relevant and quality content. Let’s see what these updates consist of and how to see Facebook page likes.

Sections of new Facebook statistics and how to see page likes on Facebook

How to see total likes on Facebook page? So, the statistics in Facebook are now divided into 6 (in the future 7) main sections: overview, likes, coverage, visits, publications and users.

How to see everyone who likes a Facebook page? The slider of the initial and final date of the report is created in order to select the period for which you want to get statistics, use a special slider or choose one of the options: a week, a month or a quarter. If you want to get data for a longer period, you will need to export the data. By the way, the maximum reporting period is 180 days. New graphics have become more informative and functional. If you want to know how to see who likes Facebook page and to get detailed information not in one day (for this you just need to click on the date you are interested in on the chart), and for a certain period, then select the date on the graph with which you want to start the analysis and drag the cursor to the final date your report. You will see a pop-up window with statistics for the selected reporting period.

Benchmarking or comparison of average indicators over time – in new statistics on Facebook pages it is now possible to get information about the average indicators and compare them with the indicators for the last period (a week or a month).

How to see how many likes a Facebook page has

How to see list of likes on Facebook page? In order to view the statistics on your Facebook page and the integrated site and make useful conclusions for yourself, you need to go to the Facebook Insights section (you must be logged into Facebook). How to see new likes on Facebook business page? The metric indicates the number of times a button has been shown and the number of times that users clicked on it for a month. Seeing the percentage of button presses from the total number of impressions, you can get an idea of ​​how much your content is interesting to your target audience (including dynamics) and also whether this statistics (not) is comforting to you. It’s that way of how to see your Facebook page likes.

How much does the opinion of some users motivate others to go to your site and how to see hidden likes on Facebook page? It is important to remember the general rule – the more hounds under the news, the more clicks-transitions. Generate in-demand news.